If you are in business, then you should be making best use of your internet connectivity. The Internode Get-Netted service is designed to help you do exactly that.


Get-Netted is ideal for small and medium sized businesses. With Get-Netted you get systems that are simple to operate and maintain so you will not need access to full time IT support people.


Enhance your image, and make it simpler for your customers to talk to you.

External email, where all your staff can have a proper email address and can send and receive email with a consistent corporate identity, and without having to share a generic "sales" type of address. We can arrange for multiple recipient routing as well - have some addresses distributed to teams of people in your organisation.

Internal email, will help Improve communications efficiency in your business. Stop loosing business because your people can't read the scribbled telephone messages on the Post-It™ notes littering their desktop!

Shared Web access, full concurrent shared access to the World Wide Web for those staff that need it, when they need it.

Security: Make sure your email remains free of unwanted content


Get-Netted is a complete package solution to get your business making the most of Internet connectivity. It includes:

  • Expert consultancy to make sure you get the facilities you need
  • All of the hardware and software you will need
  • Expert installation and configuration by one of our network consultants
  • Full Training in use and administration of your facilities
  • Detailed documentation
  • Access to ongoing technical support


We can discuss your requirements and carry out an initial survey of your current facilities by telephone or email. From that we should be able to give you an estimate of the cost.

If you wish to "Get-Netted" we would then arrange for one of our experienced installers to visit you at a convenient time and carry out the installation.

Our installers will bring and install all the required hardware and software, configure everything to work, and show you how your new system works!

Before leaving, the installer will make sure you have all the documentation you need for your system, and have a number to call if something goes wrong.

How Long?

A typical small network (up to 5 PCs) could be connected up and running in the space of an afternoon.

How Much?

The complete "Get-Netted" service starts from as little as £250 + VAT plus the cost of any hardware or software required. This includes registration of a Domain Name for your business if required.

Once you have your email
and connectivity sorted
out you might want to
think about getting a
web site
up and running.


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