Example Projects


The Merlin EH101 helicopter is a multi-role aircraft. It will serve as the replacement for the Sea King in both civilian and Royal Navy roles.

There is a significant amount of software controlling its sophisticated communications system. Much of this software was developed and tested by Internode Ltd

Mortgage Sourcing

Our advanced Mortgage Sourcing tool was used by independent financial advisors right across the country. It is a sophisticated client server architecture incorporating:-

  • Client Application
  • Update Server
  • Maintenance Tools
  • Remote Database replication technology

The search and select engine developed by Internode and our joint venture partner company Soft-Technologies has also been used to underpin the mortgage search capabilities on the MSN Money and Moneyextra web sites.

Digital Communications

Internode took a key role in helping one major international communications company to become the first in the world to develop an implementation of the NATO STANAG 5066 data link protocol. This open standard specifies the foundations of a communications system that finally delivers reliable managed communications to HF radio data networks.

Building on the foundation of the basic communications protocol, Internode's engineers have successfully helped develop and integrate many internet style protocols into this new radio communications environment:-

  • Message and file transfer
  • Internet RFC compliant e-mail servers
  • Fax over HF
  • Raw IP routing

Dedicated Short Range Radio

Another client had an interesting application of high speed microwave communications. This was a development of the TC278 dedicated short range communications protocol. Internode helped build a system capable of exchanging a significant quantity of traffic information with a moving vehicle in the few milliseconds it takes to zoom past fixed a beacon over the road.

Equity Release Sourcing

Another first for Internode! The first comprehensive web based portal for the IFA community that takes the hard work out of sourcing and selecting equity release products. Now integrated into several of the countries largest IFA support service portal sites, the platform covers products from all of the market leaders.

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