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Getting Started

We can make sure that all of the domain names that you require are available and register them. We also advice you consider registering alternate variations of your domain name including misspelt versions if you believe that web users may accidentally use that spelling.

Design Guide

We can do as much or as little of the site design as you would like.

Indicate any details that you would like included in your site design. Pay particular attention to the main pages you would like. What topics you want to cover with your site. Think about what you want to achieve, and who your target audience is.

Next think about what sort of colour scheme is required. Sketch any ideas on layout, graphics, and general appearance that you think should be included.

Create the text that you want included on each of your web pages. Just use a normal text editor like Windows Notepad or Mac SimpleText no need to format or lay out the text at this stage.

Collect any photographs that you want included on your site. We can scan ordinary prints, 35mm slides and negatives if required. (Please make sure that you either own the copyright or have permission to use any images that you want reproduced on your web site). Alternatively we may be able to locate appropriate stock images for inclusion in your site.

If you have a corporate logo then include an example of that - either on paper on as an image file (i.e. GIF, JPEG etc)

Supporting Information

Maybe include a list of web sites that you use, where you think the layout and design is similar to how you want yours to look.

Decide if there are any other external web sites that you would like to link to from our site, and provide a list of the pages you want links created for.

Send the information to us

Put the files together on a disk or CD, or email them with a covering note to us. We will be happy to look at your requirements and give you an estimate of the likely cost for development of the web site.

For more specific guidance please contact us.


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