Computer Systems

There are plenty of companies which will sell you a computer, so what makes Internode different?

We take the time to try and understand your needs. The result is a computer that does what you want, uses good quality components throughout, does not cost the earth, and is not weighed down with lots of gimmicks!

Unlike many of the "big name" brands, our computers are built to industry standards. This makes upgrading in the future a snap, we don't use non standard case sizes, non standard connectors, or "unusual" power supplies. Everything is upgradable with off the shelf parts, so you get better value and longer life from your investment.

  Need a good performance office computer?

Even with our range of competitively priced "off the shelf" systems we can still offer extensive customisation options, so that you can have exactly the PC you require. Chose from a range of case styles, processor and memory options, and specify how much hard drive space you require. New systems can be preloaded with any mainstream operating system, and any major applications that you require - often with significant cost savings over purchasing software later.

We can supply anything from a single computer for home use, to a complete office system complete with network hardware and structured cabling.

Ruggedised and Industrial PCs



This 19" 4U Rack Mount computer is ready for installing in a standard equipment rack or flight case.

A system designed for Industrial Process Control and monitoring, Rapid deployment, and for specialist server applications that need real expansion room.

Rack mount PC

Under that rugged exterior lies a potent system! It has a high reliability motherboard with self monitoring capability, and multiple filtered fans to ensure cool operation in the the toughest of environments.

Rack mount systems are available with a choice of major operating systems, and with a wide range of memory and processor choices to cater for every need.

From 1U to 4U single and dual processor, RAID, Dual PSUs, Fault monitoring, server class systems available.

Unusual requirements?

We like interesting challenges!

One customer required a highly resilient network to be installed in mobile training vehicle. Not only was a state of the art computer network required, it had to survive being driven round the country every day!

Ruggedised Rack Mount Computer Network

Internode designed and supplied this ruggedised system with 8 high performance workstations all built into to a pair of small 19" racks.

Each rack has its own uninterruptible power supply to guard against any unexpected power disconnections.

A high performance network server provides resilient data storage for the network using a RAID array with disk mirroring, and seven other client computers provide computing capabilities for the whole vehicle.



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We also supply:

  • Networking
  • Routers
  • Broadband
  • Modems
  • Digital Cameras
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Computer Components
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Custom Build

If you need a computer
system that no one seems
to make, don't worry, we
can build it for you!

Fed up with the noise from your current PC? Talk to us about a new ultra quiet PC base station.

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