Software Development Services

Internode was founded by experienced software engineers working in the defence and aerospace industry. Software development has always been one of our key strengths, and we can deploy skills into a wide range of disciplines and product areas. Anything from the embedded control system in a toaster, a sophisticated web site "back end" for the financial services industry, to advanced avionics systems!

Bespoke Software Engineering

  • Requirements Capture

  • High Level and Detailed Design

  • Data Modeling

  • Coding in a wide range of languages

  • Software testing

  • Hardware / Software integration

  • Systems Integration


  • Communications Technology

  • Protocols

  • Embedded Systems

  • Real Time Systems

  • Financial Systems

  • Defence and Aerospace Systems


We can develop for a range of hardware platforms including PC, VAX, and Embedded systems (Intel, Motorola, & Zilog). We support operating systems including Windows, UNIX, DOS, & VMS

Standards Compliance

All our software documentation is produced to established quality standards. We also have experience working to highly rigorous standards like DoD-STD-2167A.

Read about some of
the projects we have been involved with, and some of the solutions we have developed for our clients


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